Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day 6

I'm proud of myself I have actually done this for multiple days at a time.  So yesterday I didn't eat the best.  It started off okay. I didn't eat breakfast.  I left early to go grocery shopping.  I spent way too much there.  I stopped by Hope and got food from hope too.  I got most of my fresh fruits and veggies from there.  I brought home apples and oranges and blackberries and then a couple things of salad, cherries, and just a whole bunch of stuff.  But when I got home I had 5 cookies because I was starving.  I wasn't happy when I ate them but I couldn't stop myself.  I had zero will power at that time.  Then for lunch I actually made a good choice and had one of the salads.  No snack after that even though I thought about it.  I went to the pool with my mother after lunch. She didn't stay long but I stayed and swam with Love Bug.  My mother complained that she had water in her ear and isn't coming back today to swim but Love Bug and I are still going.  Anyway for dinner I made sausages and mac and cheese.  I had only a little mac and cheese and I also cut up and sautéed some peppers, onions, and mushrooms to go on top of the sausages. It was delicious and I had two with mayo and sliced cheese.  No dessert.  I drank one soda yesterday and then nothing else but water.  I was exhausted to the point I was starting to feel sick so I went and lied down.  I was asleep before 7:30.  I guess all the not being able to sleep finally caught up with me because I slept until a little after 5.  Happily my hubby stepped up and got the girls to bed, but I didn't realize until this morning that I slept through game night so it had to be postponed until tonight.  So I stepped on the scale and WOOHOO I lost 2.2 pounds.  So I'm down to 265.7.  So that's even lower than it was before I gained yesterday.  Imagine what I would have been down had I ate better.  Today has started out okay.  Bad because I forgot to put a snack in Pumpkins backpack.  I can't believe I forgot it and she doesn't even know yet.  I'll give her one when she gets home I just didn't think about it.  But happy is instead of cookies for breakfast I had oatmeal so maybe I won't have a bad snack or cheat and eat cookies again.  Now I need to clean and go to the pool.  I really need to make a list of everything I need to do today.  Until tomorrow :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Early start to Day 5

Well I'm on here early today.  I weighed myself and didn't get good news.  I knew I had a bad day yesterday.  This morning I weighed 267.9.  So that is a gain of 1.6 in a day.  I am REALLY disappointed in myself.  I made bad choices and I knew better.  This is going to be a short post since I haven't done anything today yet.  My mother is supposed to come over and go to the pool with me and Love Bug but I have to go to the grocery store and clean before that happens.  SO today is a whole new day so hopefully I can make better choices.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 4

Well after weighing myself this morning I lost 0.2 but at least I didn't gain.  So my weight was 266.3.  I went to go help out at hope today with my mother.  It was okay.  I mean I only go there sadly because I feel obligated.  I wish I liked to go and I probably would had it been my idea but Since my mother is one of the main people there and I am an at home mom I feel like I have to go out there.  But I can't complain too much.  They're honestly the reason that I have so much food in my house.  Not that I'm overflowing in food but every little bit helps.  Plus I haven't had to buy very many clothes for my girls in their entire lives. Anyway yet again I am worried about tomorrows weigh in.  I couldn't go to the pool because it was closed today.  So no workout there. And I didn't eat the best.  I had an ice cream sandwich because one of the workers at hope brought me one saying that she was sharing.  I couldn't say no and hurt her feelings so I ate it because she stood right beside me until I did.  I had some broccoli mac and cheese for lunch with a couple of marshmallows.  I felt like I was going to pass out since I haven't been sleeping well so I took a very, very short nap (seriously like maybe 5 minutes before my hubby texted and woke me up). I made pot roast for dinner and I filled my plate with mostly veggies but I also stole some of the pot roast off of the girls' plates and for dessert I had a 90 calorie lemon square.  So WAY too much food.  I will try to be better tomorrow. Today was Pumpkin's first day of second grade.  She said she really liked it.  Hopefully she will continue to like it.  We did her homework together and I also worked on helping Love Bug with learning her alphabet.  I am not a good teacher.  I try but I can get frustrated easily.  She had a hard time with the letter C.  I just don't know.  Right now she's testing her limits so much that trying to get her to actually listen to me is frustrating.  She is really smart.  I know she is.  But I really am not sure how to teach her.  I always felt like I was failing when I was trying to teach Pumpkin but I did something right because last year she was nominated to be in the Program for advanced learning at her school.  So maybe it will all come together and I need to quit trying to force her to learn and just try and lookup ways to make it fun for her.  Well I guess I gave myself something to think about while I am busy tossing and turning trying to fall asleep.  Until tomorrow.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 3

Well I was totally amazed today that I didn't gain anything.  I didn't lose anything either but hey I'm calling it a win.  So again today the scale read 266.5.  I'm kind of nervous for tomorrow.  While I did go to the pool today and get a pretty good workout in while I was there.  I also ate horribly.  We had a movie day and we all got a snack.  I got sweet tarts and I also had lunch at sonic and two egg sandwiches for dinner with chips.  I didn't eat the whole box of sweet tarts but enough that I feel guilty.  I knew when I bought them I knew I really shouldn't have, but when my hubby gives me a look because he's trying to justify him getting a large popcorn for the movie theatre.  So he won't feel so bad for getting his snack if I get a snack too.  I really need to learn to say no.  I wish we didn't enable each other like that.  Or we did that we would do it in a good way.  Anyway today is going to be short. I have to get to bed. Pumpkin has her first day of second grade tomorrow so big day for her.  Talk to you guys tomorrow.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Another day

I weighed myself this morning and I lost half a pound.  I wish I had lost more.  But this means that I am about 14 pounds away from using my pounds lost jars again. My weight was 266.5.  I kinda stole from pinterest but I have these two jars one labeled weight to loose and the other weight gone.  When I started them I was 252.  I put pebbles in them to maybe help me get down to my goal weight to see how far I had come.  At one time I had like 15 in the weight gone jar.  But I didn't keep any extra pebbles so when I gained weight I didn't have the extra to put in.  So even when I loose weight I don't get to move any stones over.  Until I get back down.  On the other hand sadly my hubby gained 2.2 pounds this week which sucks.  He wants to loose weight so that he can possibly get back in the military.  That way we can have a better life.  And I want that more than anything honestly.  I loved the military life.  So hopefully he will start losing weight soon.  But he has the same problem I do.  I eat too much and don't exercise enough.  He usually goes for a walk in the morning but he has an office job so he sits all day long.  Yesterday I didn't eat breakfast and when it came time for lunch I was starving.  I at a couple spoonful's of the girls' mac and cheese, The rest of the leftover cheeseburger macaroni hamburger helper, and some chips.  I had a soda with it. Then dinner was one cheeseburger and some chips.  I didn't snack and I didn't have dessert. I know I have to do better and I am lucky that I lost even half a pound.  I swam with the girls yesterday. We stayed for an hour and I got a good workout in while I was there.  But it's the weekend and the weekends are always hard.  I don't seem to eat right or get any exercise in during the weekend.  Then Monday morning school starts and I will have a second grader.  Hopefully it will be better with working out.  My mother is supposed to come by and go to the pool with me and Love Bug when she get off of work.  At least until the pool closes probably early next month.  So not a lot of time there.  I am actually going to have to exercise at home and make sure that I do it.  It's just hard because when I'm at home I see all the stuff I need to do which since it is for my family takes precedence over the working out for me.  I'll post again tomorrow and get back to counting days so tomorrows will be day 3.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Well so much for getting on here everyday.  I was going good then I got busy.  I gained weight because I wasn't watching and it was my birthday.  I made myself beef stroganoff for dinner and a no bake strawberry cheesecake for instead of a cake.  Since no one else was going to do anything I tried for myself to make it an okay day.  The next day I went over to my mothers and she had made my favorite meal mostaccoli.  I know I spelled that wrong but I have never known how to spell it.  I had to ask her three times to make some of that for me before she finally did it.  She won't give me the recipe to make it myself so I have to depend on her.  Anyway my weight this morning was 267.0.  And even that I had lost 1.5 pounds.  I will write on here tomorrow what I eat today and my new weight no matter what it is.  I have been on the computer a lot in the past couple of days because for some unknown reason all of the sudden I got into ancestry.  There are so many sites that you have to pay and I refuse to do that because right now we're lucky if we can get food on the table.  But has enough free that I was able to go back like 6 generations on my mom's side.  I can't get into the documents but it keeps track of all of the people I put on it.  It was kind of cool to see all the people I was related to.  And I found out that I am at the very least Scottish and Irish.  I also, and I can't show this to my mother, am looking up my real father's side just mainly for the history purposes.  I was always told that his family were Hatfield's. I even had a name with the last name Hatfield.  Plus everyone on that side was from West Virginia so I never questioned it.  However in this journey I have yet to come across that name.  Granted I have only gone back like 3 generations but that one family members last name was never Hatfield it was Mounts.  I was shocked.  So who knows maybe eventually I'll have some answers.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Day 2

I weighed myself today and I weigh 267.0.  So I lost 1.5 pounds.  So yay me.  I didn't have breakfast again today for lunch I had two ham sandwiches with about a half cup of chips then dinner was about a cup of spaghetti.  I left some on the plate again and no snacks or dessert.  It wasn't too bad but right now I am fighting the urge to get a snack.  But I know I'll feel bad about it later.  It is too late at night to eat anything.  I went swimming with the girls again today.  I didn't want to leave but I had to go grocery shopping this afternoon.  I didn't get to sleep until late last night and it's after 10:30 now.  I'm tired but I wanted to make sure that I wrote on here since I am trying to keep a journal of my weight loss so that maybe someone can read this and maybe get inspired or maybe this will just keep me from overeating since I have to share everything that I eat.  Thanks for reading and I'll give you another update tomorrow.