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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The first in a while

Okay I know it has been close to a year.  But life kind of came and smacked us around lately so I had to take a sabbatical.  Things were going along great and not really realizing how good we had it.  Pumpkin turned 7 and then started the first grade.  We had her party all planned out even rented a room for it.  Then about a week before the party we found out that the hubby lost his job. Without warning or a severance package after working there for seven years.  It was like things were going great then all of the sudden our whole world came crashing down.  I immediately signed up for food stamps and medical because I wanted to make sure that we had food and if anything happened I could take them to the doctor.  However all of that took around a month to straighten out and we didn't have a paycheck coming in for rent let alone food.  I was scared.  We had to reevaluate our situation.  We decided that it was time for a change.  So we decided to move to Texas close to my family.  I had never lived in Texas before but they were here and it helped that my mom works at HOPE which is a big help.  So we sold one of our cars to have money for the move. Packed everything up.  Had to sell the couch and rented a uhaul and went to drive down here and of course that weekend first Pumpkin got sick and then Love Bug.  Then on the night before we were supposed to leave I got it and was up throwing up the entire night.  So the trip got postponed a day and we drove for over twelve hours to make it here.  I was exhausted from being sick and we left when it was dark and when we got here it was dark.  I was so tired of driving. When we got here and a little unpacked the worry started to sink in more.  Before we moved I had the move to look forward to and after when that was gone and neither one of us had a job so we were just stagnant.  It took a while for unemployment to kick back in and we were getting low on funds.  I only got half the money for food stamps here and only the kids got medical.  So still no job and half the benefits.  The hubby applied everywhere and I applied at a lot of places too.  I got offered a job selling vacuum cleaners however the pay and pretty much everything else was kind of fishy and I didn't want to get into something and regret it later.  As a last resort he applied at a temp agency and it turns out one of the only ways to get a job in this town is to go through a temp agency so that it's less messy if things don't work out.  So at least right before Christmas he finally got a job.  Even so Christmas was thinner than it had been in a lot of years.  Surprisingly pumpkin didn't complain.  We were expecting her to say that "this is it" when she looked under the tree.  But she didn't and it was a good holiday.  So after we got here we enrolled her in school.  We still had only one car and so I was looking forward to her riding the bus while the hubby took the car to work.  However we got here and in this town for some reason the buses don't like to run so there is no bus service for the students in town.  So instead we had to figure out a way to do both.  That way was to get the girls up at like two and then drive the hubby to work and then come home get them back to sleep to wake up a few hours later for school.  That sucked for all of us.  And the way they let the kids out here is very VERY unorganized.  Her old school was very organized. Everyone waited in line the teachers helped the students.  Everyone was done at the same time It was just organized and it felt safer.  We come here and then the first day I see it and when school gets out it is crazy.  There are people walking around everywhere.  Kids running around and random parents coming up to get kids.  Anyone could walk up and get any kid while their back is turned and the kids are supposed to get out at 3:35 but there are some teachers including Pumpkins that always get out like 10 minutes late.  And to get the kids you either park across the street and walk over or you pull in and wait in the two lanes in front of the school. However in the lanes if you get your kid you either have to wait for the line to move up or more often cut off the person beside you so they almost get in an accident and that is every day.  And that's with kids running around.  I'm surprised more kids don't get hit by cars and there aren't more accidents because a lot of the people here like to think about only themselves.  So things have been going on now.  During all of this time I have gained more than 35 pounds.  So I get to start over with my weight loss.  It sucks and I have tried to do the military diet quite a few times but for some reason or another it seems I give up on it on the first day.  So for now I'm going to try drinking a slim fast shake for breakfast and lunch and try not to overdo it on dinner.  I have to do something I feel horrible and fat and sluggish.  Love Bug just turned 3 and she had a Sophia the First birthday party.  We finally got another car so I don't have to worry about Pumpkin getting to school.  We are looking at a house to maybe buy because this one is outrageous.  The other house has about 500  square foot less which isn't bad to go from 2000 to 1500. Four bedrooms and two bathrooms and possibly a dishwasher that works and isn't here just to make fun of me.  And just last weekend we rescued a dog from an animal shelter.  He is 9 weeks old and he's a blue heeler mix.  He has black fur so we named him Loki. After watching Thor together I really liked the movie and so now the hubby picks on me saying that Thor is my man.  If the dog would have had blonder hair he would have been named Thor but since he is jet black he became Loki.  We are still in the not fun potty training stage and chew on EVERYTHING stage.  Even though he has plenty of stuff to chew on. So I think starting tomorrow I am going to write on here my weight and everything I have to eat for the day.  Maybe that will keep me on track with my weight loss.  I want to do something so that I can feel better.  Plus as a bonus my clothes will finally fit better.  I have some that don't fit me anymore.  So talk to you guys tomorrow.