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Monday, July 15, 2013

Another week another start to the diet

It's Monday and unlike normal I was actually on my diet today.  I started a new week for my diet.  Okay now for the apologizing.  I kinda flaked on day three last week and I haven't been on here since.  I have been super busy and I know that isn't an excuse but still.  Also I guess I didn't really have the drive to get on here.  I really should have it probably would have kept me on my diet more, but hey you live and you learn.  After I did the last day of my diet I weighed myself the next morning and I weighed 237.9.  That put my diet at helping me lose 8.4 pounds and brought me back down to my ending weight form the last time I was on my diet, before I was horrible for almost two weeks. 
On Friday we had a really big day.  We ended up doing 4 things on our list.  We played balloon Ping-Pong.  That was fun.  We mostly just threw the balloons at each other but Love Bug went and tried to beat everyone up with balloons.   We had a dance party that had to end with the Despicable Me 2 Minions singing the banana song.  We always have to listen to that song whenever we can.  After that Pumpkin made dinner.  We chose a recipe out of one of the Hungry Girl Books.  It was a Hawaiian pizza thing.  It called for English muffins for the crust, marinara sauce instead of pizza sauce.  She used 98% fat free ham and I cut up some pineapple.  We used a reduced fat mozzarella cheese to top it with and I just omitted the red onion since we don't like them before they are cooked and I don't want to cut up an onion.  After they are cooked I love onions.  I love how sweet they are and as long as they are soft they are delicious.  However the cutting them up part I hate.  I don't like the tears or holding my breath and they make my house stink forever.  But we baked the pizzas and Pumpkin did almost everything and she was so proud of herself.  They were delicious.  I would honestly say that I would make that dinner again.  She did a really good job.  I was glad that she had fun.  I kept them up a little late that night and I let them have a fun bath with glow sticks.  It was really easy and they stayed in the bath for a lot of time.  I just made the room dark and threw a few glow sticks into the tub.  They slept really well that night after we did all of those things. 
Saturday was pretty quiet.  We didn't do much but clean up and I went grocery shopping in the morning.  We stopped at McDonald's on the way back home.  We have had to stop there more often right now.  Our McDonald's has minion toys right now and our walmart doesn't even have those so the only way for Love Bug to have a minion to carry around is to go to get her a happy meal.  We also got a Ba Ba poster for her.  I put it above her bed so since then she has had to say goodnight to the Ba ba's before going to bed at night. 
Yesterday my hubby and I actually had some date time.  We dropped the girls off at his parents house so they could go and swim.  While they were doing that my hubby and I were going to go up to Michael's up close to the city but since we had to be back by a certain time to go to a certain movie we ended up not going quite as far and ended up at a goodwill store.  He got a golf club and I got a book and a couple of really cool things for my kitchen.  They are like shadow boxes with small little sculptures of wine bottles and a wine glass and the other has bread and groceries and spices and more wine bottles.  I am so going to have to take a picture of them and post them on here.  I found them for $4.99 a piece and I love them.  I kind of really want a French style kitchen with French decorations.  When we got back into town we went to the movies and saw Grown Ups 2.  We saw Grown ups in the theater when it was out and bought it when it came out on DVD.  The second one was better.  We were laughing almost constantly.  He got his popcorn and I got my normal nachos which I so shouldn't have.  I knew better and I didn't quite finish all of them.  Still after we went and got the girls we went back home and had dinner.  I had the last couple of pizzas. Afterward I got sent out for Dairy Queen which is so not on my diet but it was delicious.  I always get Mint Oreo blizzard.  I am the only one in the house that likes mint.  Pumpkin hates it with a passion and anytime I have something minty she always says "Mint yuck" and wrinkles her nose. 
So having done all of that and eating horribly I weighed myself this morning and I had gained 4.4 pounds.  I felt horrible and I know better but I can't seem to keep on the diet on my days off.  But as long as I keep going down I should be okay.  So this morning I weighed 242.3 which is a huge difference from when I went to the doctor a couple of months ago with bronchitis and I was exactly 260.  So yay for the little victory.  I had breakfast this morning of one slice of toast and two tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter and instead of the orange or the yucky grapefruit (because the grocery store was out of them) I had pineapple pieces.  Not too many only like a third of a cup sliced.  I had a slice of toast and a can of tuna with a little bit of mustard and Mrs. Dash for lunch.  Dinner was a probably less than 3oz. piece of chicken breast tenderloin, one cup of steamed green beans, one small apple sliced, and one half of a banana.  I had the normal one cup of vanilla ice cream for dessert.  I got plenty of exercise today.  A friend invited us over to go swimming at her pool today so we went and spent a few hours out there.  Granted I wasn't swimming back and forth the whole time but I did get my heartbeat going a few times.  We are going to go back tomorrow.  I am excited.  The girls are too. 
Well I'm going to go for now.  It's bedtime for the girls so I am going to go and do that.  I'll be back on tomorrow I promise.  XOXO