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Monday, July 15, 2013

Another week another start to the diet

It's Monday and unlike normal I was actually on my diet today.  I started a new week for my diet.  Okay now for the apologizing.  I kinda flaked on day three last week and I haven't been on here since.  I have been super busy and I know that isn't an excuse but still.  Also I guess I didn't really have the drive to get on here.  I really should have it probably would have kept me on my diet more, but hey you live and you learn.  After I did the last day of my diet I weighed myself the next morning and I weighed 237.9.  That put my diet at helping me lose 8.4 pounds and brought me back down to my ending weight form the last time I was on my diet, before I was horrible for almost two weeks. 
On Friday we had a really big day.  We ended up doing 4 things on our list.  We played balloon Ping-Pong.  That was fun.  We mostly just threw the balloons at each other but Love Bug went and tried to beat everyone up with balloons.   We had a dance party that had to end with the Despicable Me 2 Minions singing the banana song.  We always have to listen to that song whenever we can.  After that Pumpkin made dinner.  We chose a recipe out of one of the Hungry Girl Books.  It was a Hawaiian pizza thing.  It called for English muffins for the crust, marinara sauce instead of pizza sauce.  She used 98% fat free ham and I cut up some pineapple.  We used a reduced fat mozzarella cheese to top it with and I just omitted the red onion since we don't like them before they are cooked and I don't want to cut up an onion.  After they are cooked I love onions.  I love how sweet they are and as long as they are soft they are delicious.  However the cutting them up part I hate.  I don't like the tears or holding my breath and they make my house stink forever.  But we baked the pizzas and Pumpkin did almost everything and she was so proud of herself.  They were delicious.  I would honestly say that I would make that dinner again.  She did a really good job.  I was glad that she had fun.  I kept them up a little late that night and I let them have a fun bath with glow sticks.  It was really easy and they stayed in the bath for a lot of time.  I just made the room dark and threw a few glow sticks into the tub.  They slept really well that night after we did all of those things. 
Saturday was pretty quiet.  We didn't do much but clean up and I went grocery shopping in the morning.  We stopped at McDonald's on the way back home.  We have had to stop there more often right now.  Our McDonald's has minion toys right now and our walmart doesn't even have those so the only way for Love Bug to have a minion to carry around is to go to get her a happy meal.  We also got a Ba Ba poster for her.  I put it above her bed so since then she has had to say goodnight to the Ba ba's before going to bed at night. 
Yesterday my hubby and I actually had some date time.  We dropped the girls off at his parents house so they could go and swim.  While they were doing that my hubby and I were going to go up to Michael's up close to the city but since we had to be back by a certain time to go to a certain movie we ended up not going quite as far and ended up at a goodwill store.  He got a golf club and I got a book and a couple of really cool things for my kitchen.  They are like shadow boxes with small little sculptures of wine bottles and a wine glass and the other has bread and groceries and spices and more wine bottles.  I am so going to have to take a picture of them and post them on here.  I found them for $4.99 a piece and I love them.  I kind of really want a French style kitchen with French decorations.  When we got back into town we went to the movies and saw Grown Ups 2.  We saw Grown ups in the theater when it was out and bought it when it came out on DVD.  The second one was better.  We were laughing almost constantly.  He got his popcorn and I got my normal nachos which I so shouldn't have.  I knew better and I didn't quite finish all of them.  Still after we went and got the girls we went back home and had dinner.  I had the last couple of pizzas. Afterward I got sent out for Dairy Queen which is so not on my diet but it was delicious.  I always get Mint Oreo blizzard.  I am the only one in the house that likes mint.  Pumpkin hates it with a passion and anytime I have something minty she always says "Mint yuck" and wrinkles her nose. 
So having done all of that and eating horribly I weighed myself this morning and I had gained 4.4 pounds.  I felt horrible and I know better but I can't seem to keep on the diet on my days off.  But as long as I keep going down I should be okay.  So this morning I weighed 242.3 which is a huge difference from when I went to the doctor a couple of months ago with bronchitis and I was exactly 260.  So yay for the little victory.  I had breakfast this morning of one slice of toast and two tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter and instead of the orange or the yucky grapefruit (because the grocery store was out of them) I had pineapple pieces.  Not too many only like a third of a cup sliced.  I had a slice of toast and a can of tuna with a little bit of mustard and Mrs. Dash for lunch.  Dinner was a probably less than 3oz. piece of chicken breast tenderloin, one cup of steamed green beans, one small apple sliced, and one half of a banana.  I had the normal one cup of vanilla ice cream for dessert.  I got plenty of exercise today.  A friend invited us over to go swimming at her pool today so we went and spent a few hours out there.  Granted I wasn't swimming back and forth the whole time but I did get my heartbeat going a few times.  We are going to go back tomorrow.  I am excited.  The girls are too. 
Well I'm going to go for now.  It's bedtime for the girls so I am going to go and do that.  I'll be back on tomorrow I promise.  XOXO

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 2 military diet

I started day two of my diet this morning by weighing myself.  Yesterday I lost 3.1 pounds yesterday which is like yay.  So that gave me motivation to go on with day 2.  We didn't go and workout (aka run around with the girls) this morning.  My hubby was really sore and he knew he was getting ready to have a bad day at work.  But back to my point.  I had one scrambled egg, one half of a banana, and one slice of toast for breakfast.  Lunch was one cup of cottage cheese, one hard boiled egg and 5 saltine crackers.  Dinner was 2 Jenny-O turkey hot dogs, one cup of broccoli, one half of a cup of carrots, and one half of a banana.  Then the standard half of a cup of ice cream.  All of that for 840 calories.  But this is going to be short today guys I am honestly really, really tired.  So I will be back on tomorrow bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Talk to you guys then. XOXO

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Military Diet Day 1 Take 2

So yesterday starting the diet so didn't work.  I had a major headache.  It felt like it radiated up from my mouth to beside my eye up and giving me a huge migraine so when my hubby asked me to stop and get KFC for lunch it sounded really good so I got it.  After that I just gave up the diet and had cheeseburgers with the girls for dinner with macaroni and cheese.  So yesterday was a bust.  Eventually my migraine went away and I felt bad for the food choices that I made.  But the only thing I could do is say that tomorrow is another day to start over.  So I did start over today.  We woke up early this morning and went to go workout.  Pumpkin and I started racing each other back and forth across the field.  So I definitely got a workout in.  I was sweating like mad and breathing hard.  When we got back home I had one slice of toast, two tablespoons of peanut butter, and one very small cutie orange all with one glass of iced tea.  Lunch was one can of tuna and a slice of toast with another glass of tea.  Dinner I switched up the usual.  Instead of a turkey burger patty I had a chicken breast tenderloin that I seasoned with pepper and garlic.  I didn't think to weigh it but I am sure it was less than 3 ounces.  It was pretty good and I got to use my new cooker.  Anyway with the chicken I had one cup of green beans, one sliced apple and one half of a banana.  Finally dessert was one cup of ice cream. Breakfast was 286 calories, lunch was 160 calories, dinner was 222 calories, and dessert was 240 calories.  All that made for a day with 908 calories.  My fitness pal yelled at me like it always does when I come in under 1200 calories.  But the bigger point is that I stayed with it today.

I promised you yesterday that I would put a picture on here of my new ready, set, go, express cooker that I got at a yard sale for $2.00.  Here it is:

This shows the two inserts but they both come out and there is a circle flat plate that is bigger.  But the one on here that is the two halves I used this weekend to cook the omelets.  The were delicious and they cooked really well.  The only real problem is that the non-sticky stuff is wearing off.  Also I can make little bites of stuff.  I really want to make stuffed mushrooms in there.  It came with the cook book and I honestly want to make most everything in there. 

I also wanted to post a picture of the cookies we made last week.  These are the firecracker cookies.
We today just finished the last two cookies and by we I mean the girls.  I cross my heart that I didn't have one.  While they were good I was proud of myself for being strong and not over eating them.  So yay me!!! 

Yesterday of our List of stuff to do we made Frozen Bananas.  No pictures because it wasn't really a picture kind of activity.  I cut up the bananas early in the morning and threw them in the freezer so when they were done with their dinner they could have their dessert.  Pumpkin ate all of them, but Love Bug left a little bit in the bowl.  But to be fair she's smaller and I gave her just about the same amount as pumpkin.  Today we went to the library.  We apparently chose the absolute wrong time to go because there was nowhere to park near the building.  Our library has only like five parking spots in front of it.  When we went inside we saw that they were in the middle of some kind of program and there were people dressed as pirates.  But the bad part is that there was a hoard of people in there.  But we toughed it out and the girls played and they each got a couple of books.  I got a couple books on blogging so hopefully soon I will figure out what I should do to get some followers or maybe just a little help to make this blog better.  I also got a book on ribbon crafts and a few other things.  All in all I ended up with like 6 books before I made myself stop.  I really do have a love affair with books.  It's kind of sad really.  I would almost rather read than do anything else.  Which is good right now considering I don't want to get overheated.  The hotter it is outside then the hotter it is in my house.  Inside it's 83 right now at 8 pm inside the house.  It's just the way our house is.  It sucks but what am I going to do about it.  So reading right now is a good thing. 

I will be back on tomorrow to talk about the diet and how it is going.  Talk to you then. XOXO

Monday, July 8, 2013

Back to military diet day one

Well as I predicted before this week didn't go as well as I would have hoped.  I did gain weight, but I was hoping that if I did it would only be around five pounds.  Well here I am Monday morning and I gained 5.7 pounds.  So it is bitter sweet.  I mean I am no where near where I started and I kept it in my goal so yay, but boo that I gained.  This morning I weighed 243.7.  And if you remember when I ended my diet last time I weighed 237.9.  Don't get me wrong losing just over 20 pounds in a few months is pretty bad ass but we had a lot of family time this week since the hubby was off and when we have family time it is more difficult to eat well since we are usually out.  Although I have noticed myself trying my hardest to make the better choices for me and my girls.  Even on the fourth instead of the candy and other crap they could have had I brought star shaped marshmallows instead since they love those and could devour them.  Also it has been 4 days and there are still cookies left that we made on the third.  That never happens.  That being said I did have a box of dark chocolate raisinettes last  night.  I am not really a big chocolate fan but I really like it with raisins.  And the dark chocolate ones have extra antioxidants or something.  However the second helping at dinner I knew was a bad idea as soon as I got up to get it.  But I am starting back on the diet this morning since my hubby goes back to work today.  So I'll get a late lunch but at least I will be feeling better. And I do.  Whenever I am on the diet I feel better not only about myself but health wise.  Since I have been on the diet I'm good while I am on it but as soon as I come off if I eat anything greasy or not really all that good for me my stomach hurts and I usually spend a lot of time in the bathroom.  So it's more advantageous for me to eat better.  Which is a good thing.  This works better for me.  I have read how some people don't like it and either don't lose weight or they only lose like 1 or 2 pounds but for me this is better than anything else I have ever tried. And I've tried my fair share along with all the diet pills on the market. I just never really had any significant weight loss or enough to make me want to keep going.  I get discouraged really easily.  I always want something to work the first or second time and when it doesn't then I'm usually done and trying to move onto something else.  But this came around and I decided to give it a try.  I haven't really been exercising while on it which I should but I am still losing a decent amount of weight and it seems for the most part to be staying off.  Or at the very least not gaining it back as fast as I should .  On Friday I got to go yard saling with my hubby and we found one of those ready set go machines for $2.  It's a really cool little gadget.  I will post a picture of it on here later but it is really kind of cool it cooks stuff faster and healthier with no oil and I made for dinner omelets in it with tomatoes, salsa, and cheese and they turned out great.  Plus it really helps with the portion size.  The timer is broken on it but hey as long as it still heats up I know that I can still cook with it. 

Well I'm going to go and get my breakfast.  I'll be back on later talk to you guys then. XOXO

Friday, July 5, 2013

Busy, busy, busy

I know I missed a day again.  But yesterday was a holiday and it's not like I have anyone on here actually following my blog.  It tells me that I have a big, fat zero under followers.  If I did have some I probably would have taken a few minutes to get on here. 

Yesterday was the fourth of July.  We woke up bright and early and I had to start making the deviled eggs.  The night beforehand we made cookies.  The firecracker cookies and they turned out pretty good even though I had the wrong size French vanilla cake box.  Anyway, so we started on the lower calorie sugar cookies.  I followed the recipe exactly and I didn't realize that they had to sit in the fridge for an hour.  So we did it and I let it sit in there for a little over an hour.  When I got the dough out and started to roll it I thought that it was weird because I had to work to roll it out since it kept on almost springing back to where it started.  But I stuck it out figuring maybe that was what was supposed to happen and they would be fine once they cooked.  So we cut out and decorated like 15 cookies and I baked them and noticed that they didn't really brown up but I was still willing to give them a chance.  When they finally got done I tasted one and it was sooooo rubbery.  Not that it tasted bad. I mean it wasn't horrible but I couldn't get over the rubbery feeling when I was chewing the cookie.  So that recipe is going into the trash.  Yesterday I made the deviled eggs that were red, white, and blue.  It took a little extra time but it wasn't too bad.  I had to hold the eggs into the water, vinegar and dye  since I didn't want to dye the entire egg.  But they turned out really good and the vinegar didn't effect the taste of the egg like I was nervous about.  Although when I planned on making them at first my in-laws were going to make burgers and hotdogs on the grill.  But those plans changed.  They decided, after I got everything for the eggs, to make spaghetti instead.  Now spaghetti and deviled eggs don't go together but I had already told Pumpkin about the eggs and she loved them so we made the eggs and took them out there and ate them with the spaghetti. 

But enough about food.  I mean I keep trying no to think too much about the food so I don't over eat.  I finally weighed myself this morning and I have gained.  It was 4.6 pounds but it's not as bad as I thought that it was.  I haven't been anywhere near as careful as I should have been.  We got a small pool from walmart so that the girls could swim a little bit since they haven't really been in a while.  They loved it.  The went out to the pool two times to play.  I just wish we could bring the pool to our house here.  They said that I could bring the girls out to swim in the morning, but it will probably be only on the weekends.  I only go out there once a week and that's enough.  But we lit the smoke bombs which are Pumpkin's favorite.  They have been since she was little and realized she could run around in the smoke.  We had a total of 36 smoke bombs.  We also had a bunch of poppers which were almost as fun.  Finally when it got dark we started to do the fireworks.  We got a pretty good amount and it was really fun.  Love Bug got scared of the noises but she was fine once she was inside staring outside the door.  We left right after the fireworks were done but we have to go back out today to clean up from yesterday.  We left a bunch of stuff out there.  But hopefully it won't take too long since we have a bunch of stuff to do at home.  I was hoping to get through some of our things and do a pretty much spring cleaning.  I throw more stuff away when my hubby is there.  We also have to figure out what we are going to do today from our summer fun to do list.  But mostly cleaning is going to get done. 

Well I'm getting off of here XOXO.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I missed another day

Any other week than this one I am on here at least once a day.  But since my hubby has this week off we have been going nonstop.  He wants to cram as much family time into this week as possible. Yesterday we were barely at home until it got to be the evening just before dinner. But my house still looks like crap.  It's amazing since we weren't even here most of the day.

We started out in the morning going to the 3.2 mile round trip bike path.  My hubby went for a walk and since the girls won't make it that far walking we played in the sports fields beside it.  They ran back and forth as far as they could.  They loved going down the hills.  But they got plenty of exercise and so did I following them.  Then we went for a short drive by the military base so that they could make the airplanes fart.  Okay, okay I know that is gross but it is kind of a tradition for us.  It started when Pumpkin was small.  My hubby loves airplanes and passed that love onto her and so he would drive by the airplanes and one day he asked if she could make them fart and now every time we pass by the airplanes they make them fart and then we all say who the fart is most like.  Then we went and looked at the camp site over here so that we could drive by and look at the campers.  Which is something else we like to do.  After coming home to change and get stuff ready we went to mark another thing off of our list.  We went to a further away park and had a picnic and let the girls play afterward.  Love Bug climbed the ladder which I didn't think that she was old enough but she made it all the way multiple times by herself.  I even got it on video.  After we left there we made an impromptu visit to a dealership that sells campers so that we could look inside them.  That is another thing we do every once in a while.  If we were rich we would absolutely go out and get a camper and then go on vacation more.  But right now it's just not in the cards for us.  When we finally got home it was around 4 and dinner is usually around 5.  So all we really had time to do was play UNO with Pumpkin. We just taught her the day before yesterday while we were waiting for the satellite to be set up.  She loves it and is already pretty good at it.  She loves to throw down her draw three's and wild draw four's.  I know it's normally draw two but my UNO set is Harry Potter themed and fluffy the three headed dog from Harry Potter 1 is on the card so it's draw three for the three headed dog. 

Today the plan is to make cookies from scratch.  We are going to make lower calorie sugar cookies, firecracker cookies, and for the hubby chocolate chip cookies.  Tomorrow I am going to make red white and blue deviled eggs.  I found on pinterest where you can dye the white part of the egg different colors after they are cooked.  My girls love deviled eggs and I thought that it would be really cute to make those.  They'll be gone before we even come home.  I also have a lot of cleaning this morning.  The guy that works on our house is coming by this morning to work on the light in our living room.  However we are thinking of getting some lamps and using those instead of the overhead lights because we have had to call him over a bunch of times for lights and he doesn't really fix them he just makes it so they will work for a little while.  The light in our closet has gone out like three times already.  He fixed the light in the bedroom once and now it's back to not working.  I swear it's not us.  If anything I try to be super easy on the lights so they don't break.  I just get so tired of calling him back once a week just to fix the lights because there is something wrong again. We also might go on a hike today.  Just for fun. We haven't gone on a hike in a few years.  Not since I was just barely pregnant with Love Bug.  I also need to make a schedule so that we can make sure that we do everything on our list.  Plus that way I know when I need to get something for it.

Well I'm going to get off here for now.  I'll try to get back on today or tomorrow. XOXO

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sorry about yesterday

I really did mean to get on here yesterday.  We had a really busy day.  I went grocery shopping and took both of the girls.  You parents out there with more than one kid know what a nightmare that can be.  Love Bug was yelling because she thought that it was funny and trying to grab everything both in the cart and off of the shelves that we got too close to. Pumpkin was trying to yell back at Love Bug thinking it was funny too, kept on running back and forth down the isles we were on and then most everything we passed she asked if we could have it and when I told her no she made a face until the next thing she wanted came along.  But I finally got out of there I got some poppers so yay.  It took me forever to find them.  Plus I got everything I need to make three different types of cookies.  I found a lower calorie sugar cookie recipe for sugar cookies that uses Splenda.  I also saw a recipe on pinterest called fire cracker cookies.  They looked really fun and patriotic and I wanted to make them last year but I didn't have the opportunity.  And finding the right color sprinkles this time of year was pretty much impossible.  Finally I got one that has a multicolor, brown, blue, and red white and blue sprinkles.  Then I am making chocolate chip cookies since that is my hubby's favorite. 

After lunch we went out to my in-laws house.  We wanted to make sure they didn't care that it was okay that we came over there and shot off fireworks on Thursday since we really can't do it where we are at.  While we were out there my mother-in-law kept telling me that Emily's cheeks were starting to get chubby.  That was kind of making me upset.  I mean I see her everyday.  Her cheeks aren't getting chubby.  If anything I think she is thinning out and losing some of her baby chunkiness. And I have been trying to have them eat better and healthier so when she says that the baby's cheeks are getting chunkier it kind of hurt. 

When we finally got back home for good I had to start cleaning the house.  I didn't do anything on Saturday so my house was a disaster.  It looked like a tornado went through it and left all of the girls' toys in the living room.  We are getting rid of cable tv and switching to satellite.  We will be paying less a month and my hubby will get the NFL Sunday ticket so he'll be able to watch all his Patriots football games this year and I will get a DVR for shows that we don't get to watch at night because my hubby works evenings and we like to watch certain shows together.  So we'll be able to see them pretty much new and skip the commercials and it won't be on a computer screen that is more pixilated.  Also the girls will have Disney Junior channel that plays their Disney junior shows all day and night.  The girls have been wanting to see a show on there that is only exclusively on that channel called Henry Hugglemonster.  So Pumpkin is getting a receiver put in her room. 

We tried to watch a movie after the girls went to bed last night called Mama.  We heard that it was really scary.  That it was the scariest movie that people have said they have seen in a while.  Well I beg to differ.  45 minutes into the movie I had not even jumped once.  My hubby and I were actually kind of bored.  I mean it was kind of obvious what was going to happen before it did.  So we ended up turning it off early and went to bed and I read more of my new book Inferno by Dan Brown.  It's the fourth book in the series and it starts out slow but once you get into it, it starts getting pretty good. 

But anyway that is why I didn't write on here yesterday.  For any followers that I may have I apologize but hey I've already been on here once today maybe you'll get a second time.  Talk to you guys soon. XOXO