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Friday, July 5, 2013

Busy, busy, busy

I know I missed a day again.  But yesterday was a holiday and it's not like I have anyone on here actually following my blog.  It tells me that I have a big, fat zero under followers.  If I did have some I probably would have taken a few minutes to get on here. 

Yesterday was the fourth of July.  We woke up bright and early and I had to start making the deviled eggs.  The night beforehand we made cookies.  The firecracker cookies and they turned out pretty good even though I had the wrong size French vanilla cake box.  Anyway, so we started on the lower calorie sugar cookies.  I followed the recipe exactly and I didn't realize that they had to sit in the fridge for an hour.  So we did it and I let it sit in there for a little over an hour.  When I got the dough out and started to roll it I thought that it was weird because I had to work to roll it out since it kept on almost springing back to where it started.  But I stuck it out figuring maybe that was what was supposed to happen and they would be fine once they cooked.  So we cut out and decorated like 15 cookies and I baked them and noticed that they didn't really brown up but I was still willing to give them a chance.  When they finally got done I tasted one and it was sooooo rubbery.  Not that it tasted bad. I mean it wasn't horrible but I couldn't get over the rubbery feeling when I was chewing the cookie.  So that recipe is going into the trash.  Yesterday I made the deviled eggs that were red, white, and blue.  It took a little extra time but it wasn't too bad.  I had to hold the eggs into the water, vinegar and dye  since I didn't want to dye the entire egg.  But they turned out really good and the vinegar didn't effect the taste of the egg like I was nervous about.  Although when I planned on making them at first my in-laws were going to make burgers and hotdogs on the grill.  But those plans changed.  They decided, after I got everything for the eggs, to make spaghetti instead.  Now spaghetti and deviled eggs don't go together but I had already told Pumpkin about the eggs and she loved them so we made the eggs and took them out there and ate them with the spaghetti. 

But enough about food.  I mean I keep trying no to think too much about the food so I don't over eat.  I finally weighed myself this morning and I have gained.  It was 4.6 pounds but it's not as bad as I thought that it was.  I haven't been anywhere near as careful as I should have been.  We got a small pool from walmart so that the girls could swim a little bit since they haven't really been in a while.  They loved it.  The went out to the pool two times to play.  I just wish we could bring the pool to our house here.  They said that I could bring the girls out to swim in the morning, but it will probably be only on the weekends.  I only go out there once a week and that's enough.  But we lit the smoke bombs which are Pumpkin's favorite.  They have been since she was little and realized she could run around in the smoke.  We had a total of 36 smoke bombs.  We also had a bunch of poppers which were almost as fun.  Finally when it got dark we started to do the fireworks.  We got a pretty good amount and it was really fun.  Love Bug got scared of the noises but she was fine once she was inside staring outside the door.  We left right after the fireworks were done but we have to go back out today to clean up from yesterday.  We left a bunch of stuff out there.  But hopefully it won't take too long since we have a bunch of stuff to do at home.  I was hoping to get through some of our things and do a pretty much spring cleaning.  I throw more stuff away when my hubby is there.  We also have to figure out what we are going to do today from our summer fun to do list.  But mostly cleaning is going to get done. 

Well I'm getting off of here XOXO.