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Monday, July 8, 2013

Back to military diet day one

Well as I predicted before this week didn't go as well as I would have hoped.  I did gain weight, but I was hoping that if I did it would only be around five pounds.  Well here I am Monday morning and I gained 5.7 pounds.  So it is bitter sweet.  I mean I am no where near where I started and I kept it in my goal so yay, but boo that I gained.  This morning I weighed 243.7.  And if you remember when I ended my diet last time I weighed 237.9.  Don't get me wrong losing just over 20 pounds in a few months is pretty bad ass but we had a lot of family time this week since the hubby was off and when we have family time it is more difficult to eat well since we are usually out.  Although I have noticed myself trying my hardest to make the better choices for me and my girls.  Even on the fourth instead of the candy and other crap they could have had I brought star shaped marshmallows instead since they love those and could devour them.  Also it has been 4 days and there are still cookies left that we made on the third.  That never happens.  That being said I did have a box of dark chocolate raisinettes last  night.  I am not really a big chocolate fan but I really like it with raisins.  And the dark chocolate ones have extra antioxidants or something.  However the second helping at dinner I knew was a bad idea as soon as I got up to get it.  But I am starting back on the diet this morning since my hubby goes back to work today.  So I'll get a late lunch but at least I will be feeling better. And I do.  Whenever I am on the diet I feel better not only about myself but health wise.  Since I have been on the diet I'm good while I am on it but as soon as I come off if I eat anything greasy or not really all that good for me my stomach hurts and I usually spend a lot of time in the bathroom.  So it's more advantageous for me to eat better.  Which is a good thing.  This works better for me.  I have read how some people don't like it and either don't lose weight or they only lose like 1 or 2 pounds but for me this is better than anything else I have ever tried. And I've tried my fair share along with all the diet pills on the market. I just never really had any significant weight loss or enough to make me want to keep going.  I get discouraged really easily.  I always want something to work the first or second time and when it doesn't then I'm usually done and trying to move onto something else.  But this came around and I decided to give it a try.  I haven't really been exercising while on it which I should but I am still losing a decent amount of weight and it seems for the most part to be staying off.  Or at the very least not gaining it back as fast as I should .  On Friday I got to go yard saling with my hubby and we found one of those ready set go machines for $2.  It's a really cool little gadget.  I will post a picture of it on here later but it is really kind of cool it cooks stuff faster and healthier with no oil and I made for dinner omelets in it with tomatoes, salsa, and cheese and they turned out great.  Plus it really helps with the portion size.  The timer is broken on it but hey as long as it still heats up I know that I can still cook with it. 

Well I'm going to go and get my breakfast.  I'll be back on later talk to you guys then. XOXO