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Monday, July 1, 2013

Sorry about yesterday

I really did mean to get on here yesterday.  We had a really busy day.  I went grocery shopping and took both of the girls.  You parents out there with more than one kid know what a nightmare that can be.  Love Bug was yelling because she thought that it was funny and trying to grab everything both in the cart and off of the shelves that we got too close to. Pumpkin was trying to yell back at Love Bug thinking it was funny too, kept on running back and forth down the isles we were on and then most everything we passed she asked if we could have it and when I told her no she made a face until the next thing she wanted came along.  But I finally got out of there I got some poppers so yay.  It took me forever to find them.  Plus I got everything I need to make three different types of cookies.  I found a lower calorie sugar cookie recipe for sugar cookies that uses Splenda.  I also saw a recipe on pinterest called fire cracker cookies.  They looked really fun and patriotic and I wanted to make them last year but I didn't have the opportunity.  And finding the right color sprinkles this time of year was pretty much impossible.  Finally I got one that has a multicolor, brown, blue, and red white and blue sprinkles.  Then I am making chocolate chip cookies since that is my hubby's favorite. 

After lunch we went out to my in-laws house.  We wanted to make sure they didn't care that it was okay that we came over there and shot off fireworks on Thursday since we really can't do it where we are at.  While we were out there my mother-in-law kept telling me that Emily's cheeks were starting to get chubby.  That was kind of making me upset.  I mean I see her everyday.  Her cheeks aren't getting chubby.  If anything I think she is thinning out and losing some of her baby chunkiness. And I have been trying to have them eat better and healthier so when she says that the baby's cheeks are getting chunkier it kind of hurt. 

When we finally got back home for good I had to start cleaning the house.  I didn't do anything on Saturday so my house was a disaster.  It looked like a tornado went through it and left all of the girls' toys in the living room.  We are getting rid of cable tv and switching to satellite.  We will be paying less a month and my hubby will get the NFL Sunday ticket so he'll be able to watch all his Patriots football games this year and I will get a DVR for shows that we don't get to watch at night because my hubby works evenings and we like to watch certain shows together.  So we'll be able to see them pretty much new and skip the commercials and it won't be on a computer screen that is more pixilated.  Also the girls will have Disney Junior channel that plays their Disney junior shows all day and night.  The girls have been wanting to see a show on there that is only exclusively on that channel called Henry Hugglemonster.  So Pumpkin is getting a receiver put in her room. 

We tried to watch a movie after the girls went to bed last night called Mama.  We heard that it was really scary.  That it was the scariest movie that people have said they have seen in a while.  Well I beg to differ.  45 minutes into the movie I had not even jumped once.  My hubby and I were actually kind of bored.  I mean it was kind of obvious what was going to happen before it did.  So we ended up turning it off early and went to bed and I read more of my new book Inferno by Dan Brown.  It's the fourth book in the series and it starts out slow but once you get into it, it starts getting pretty good. 

But anyway that is why I didn't write on here yesterday.  For any followers that I may have I apologize but hey I've already been on here once today maybe you'll get a second time.  Talk to you guys soon. XOXO