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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 2 military diet

I started day two of my diet this morning by weighing myself.  Yesterday I lost 3.1 pounds yesterday which is like yay.  So that gave me motivation to go on with day 2.  We didn't go and workout (aka run around with the girls) this morning.  My hubby was really sore and he knew he was getting ready to have a bad day at work.  But back to my point.  I had one scrambled egg, one half of a banana, and one slice of toast for breakfast.  Lunch was one cup of cottage cheese, one hard boiled egg and 5 saltine crackers.  Dinner was 2 Jenny-O turkey hot dogs, one cup of broccoli, one half of a cup of carrots, and one half of a banana.  Then the standard half of a cup of ice cream.  All of that for 840 calories.  But this is going to be short today guys I am honestly really, really tired.  So I will be back on tomorrow bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Talk to you guys then. XOXO