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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I missed another day

Any other week than this one I am on here at least once a day.  But since my hubby has this week off we have been going nonstop.  He wants to cram as much family time into this week as possible. Yesterday we were barely at home until it got to be the evening just before dinner. But my house still looks like crap.  It's amazing since we weren't even here most of the day.

We started out in the morning going to the 3.2 mile round trip bike path.  My hubby went for a walk and since the girls won't make it that far walking we played in the sports fields beside it.  They ran back and forth as far as they could.  They loved going down the hills.  But they got plenty of exercise and so did I following them.  Then we went for a short drive by the military base so that they could make the airplanes fart.  Okay, okay I know that is gross but it is kind of a tradition for us.  It started when Pumpkin was small.  My hubby loves airplanes and passed that love onto her and so he would drive by the airplanes and one day he asked if she could make them fart and now every time we pass by the airplanes they make them fart and then we all say who the fart is most like.  Then we went and looked at the camp site over here so that we could drive by and look at the campers.  Which is something else we like to do.  After coming home to change and get stuff ready we went to mark another thing off of our list.  We went to a further away park and had a picnic and let the girls play afterward.  Love Bug climbed the ladder which I didn't think that she was old enough but she made it all the way multiple times by herself.  I even got it on video.  After we left there we made an impromptu visit to a dealership that sells campers so that we could look inside them.  That is another thing we do every once in a while.  If we were rich we would absolutely go out and get a camper and then go on vacation more.  But right now it's just not in the cards for us.  When we finally got home it was around 4 and dinner is usually around 5.  So all we really had time to do was play UNO with Pumpkin. We just taught her the day before yesterday while we were waiting for the satellite to be set up.  She loves it and is already pretty good at it.  She loves to throw down her draw three's and wild draw four's.  I know it's normally draw two but my UNO set is Harry Potter themed and fluffy the three headed dog from Harry Potter 1 is on the card so it's draw three for the three headed dog. 

Today the plan is to make cookies from scratch.  We are going to make lower calorie sugar cookies, firecracker cookies, and for the hubby chocolate chip cookies.  Tomorrow I am going to make red white and blue deviled eggs.  I found on pinterest where you can dye the white part of the egg different colors after they are cooked.  My girls love deviled eggs and I thought that it would be really cute to make those.  They'll be gone before we even come home.  I also have a lot of cleaning this morning.  The guy that works on our house is coming by this morning to work on the light in our living room.  However we are thinking of getting some lamps and using those instead of the overhead lights because we have had to call him over a bunch of times for lights and he doesn't really fix them he just makes it so they will work for a little while.  The light in our closet has gone out like three times already.  He fixed the light in the bedroom once and now it's back to not working.  I swear it's not us.  If anything I try to be super easy on the lights so they don't break.  I just get so tired of calling him back once a week just to fix the lights because there is something wrong again. We also might go on a hike today.  Just for fun. We haven't gone on a hike in a few years.  Not since I was just barely pregnant with Love Bug.  I also need to make a schedule so that we can make sure that we do everything on our list.  Plus that way I know when I need to get something for it.

Well I'm going to get off here for now.  I'll try to get back on today or tomorrow. XOXO