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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Another day

I weighed myself this morning and I lost half a pound.  I wish I had lost more.  But this means that I am about 14 pounds away from using my pounds lost jars again. My weight was 266.5.  I kinda stole from pinterest but I have these two jars one labeled weight to loose and the other weight gone.  When I started them I was 252.  I put pebbles in them to maybe help me get down to my goal weight to see how far I had come.  At one time I had like 15 in the weight gone jar.  But I didn't keep any extra pebbles so when I gained weight I didn't have the extra to put in.  So even when I loose weight I don't get to move any stones over.  Until I get back down.  On the other hand sadly my hubby gained 2.2 pounds this week which sucks.  He wants to loose weight so that he can possibly get back in the military.  That way we can have a better life.  And I want that more than anything honestly.  I loved the military life.  So hopefully he will start losing weight soon.  But he has the same problem I do.  I eat too much and don't exercise enough.  He usually goes for a walk in the morning but he has an office job so he sits all day long.  Yesterday I didn't eat breakfast and when it came time for lunch I was starving.  I at a couple spoonful's of the girls' mac and cheese, The rest of the leftover cheeseburger macaroni hamburger helper, and some chips.  I had a soda with it. Then dinner was one cheeseburger and some chips.  I didn't snack and I didn't have dessert. I know I have to do better and I am lucky that I lost even half a pound.  I swam with the girls yesterday. We stayed for an hour and I got a good workout in while I was there.  But it's the weekend and the weekends are always hard.  I don't seem to eat right or get any exercise in during the weekend.  Then Monday morning school starts and I will have a second grader.  Hopefully it will be better with working out.  My mother is supposed to come by and go to the pool with me and Love Bug when she get off of work.  At least until the pool closes probably early next month.  So not a lot of time there.  I am actually going to have to exercise at home and make sure that I do it.  It's just hard because when I'm at home I see all the stuff I need to do which since it is for my family takes precedence over the working out for me.  I'll post again tomorrow and get back to counting days so tomorrows will be day 3.