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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 3

Well I was totally amazed today that I didn't gain anything.  I didn't lose anything either but hey I'm calling it a win.  So again today the scale read 266.5.  I'm kind of nervous for tomorrow.  While I did go to the pool today and get a pretty good workout in while I was there.  I also ate horribly.  We had a movie day and we all got a snack.  I got sweet tarts and I also had lunch at sonic and two egg sandwiches for dinner with chips.  I didn't eat the whole box of sweet tarts but enough that I feel guilty.  I knew when I bought them I knew I really shouldn't have, but when my hubby gives me a look because he's trying to justify him getting a large popcorn for the movie theatre.  So he won't feel so bad for getting his snack if I get a snack too.  I really need to learn to say no.  I wish we didn't enable each other like that.  Or we did that we would do it in a good way.  Anyway today is going to be short. I have to get to bed. Pumpkin has her first day of second grade tomorrow so big day for her.  Talk to you guys tomorrow.