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Friday, August 22, 2014


Well so much for getting on here everyday.  I was going good then I got busy.  I gained weight because I wasn't watching and it was my birthday.  I made myself beef stroganoff for dinner and a no bake strawberry cheesecake for instead of a cake.  Since no one else was going to do anything I tried for myself to make it an okay day.  The next day I went over to my mothers and she had made my favorite meal mostaccoli.  I know I spelled that wrong but I have never known how to spell it.  I had to ask her three times to make some of that for me before she finally did it.  She won't give me the recipe to make it myself so I have to depend on her.  Anyway my weight this morning was 267.0.  And even that I had lost 1.5 pounds.  I will write on here tomorrow what I eat today and my new weight no matter what it is.  I have been on the computer a lot in the past couple of days because for some unknown reason all of the sudden I got into ancestry.  There are so many sites that you have to pay and I refuse to do that because right now we're lucky if we can get food on the table.  But has enough free that I was able to go back like 6 generations on my mom's side.  I can't get into the documents but it keeps track of all of the people I put on it.  It was kind of cool to see all the people I was related to.  And I found out that I am at the very least Scottish and Irish.  I also, and I can't show this to my mother, am looking up my real father's side just mainly for the history purposes.  I was always told that his family were Hatfield's. I even had a name with the last name Hatfield.  Plus everyone on that side was from West Virginia so I never questioned it.  However in this journey I have yet to come across that name.  Granted I have only gone back like 3 generations but that one family members last name was never Hatfield it was Mounts.  I was shocked.  So who knows maybe eventually I'll have some answers.