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Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 4

Well after weighing myself this morning I lost 0.2 but at least I didn't gain.  So my weight was 266.3.  I went to go help out at hope today with my mother.  It was okay.  I mean I only go there sadly because I feel obligated.  I wish I liked to go and I probably would had it been my idea but Since my mother is one of the main people there and I am an at home mom I feel like I have to go out there.  But I can't complain too much.  They're honestly the reason that I have so much food in my house.  Not that I'm overflowing in food but every little bit helps.  Plus I haven't had to buy very many clothes for my girls in their entire lives. Anyway yet again I am worried about tomorrows weigh in.  I couldn't go to the pool because it was closed today.  So no workout there. And I didn't eat the best.  I had an ice cream sandwich because one of the workers at hope brought me one saying that she was sharing.  I couldn't say no and hurt her feelings so I ate it because she stood right beside me until I did.  I had some broccoli mac and cheese for lunch with a couple of marshmallows.  I felt like I was going to pass out since I haven't been sleeping well so I took a very, very short nap (seriously like maybe 5 minutes before my hubby texted and woke me up). I made pot roast for dinner and I filled my plate with mostly veggies but I also stole some of the pot roast off of the girls' plates and for dessert I had a 90 calorie lemon square.  So WAY too much food.  I will try to be better tomorrow. Today was Pumpkin's first day of second grade.  She said she really liked it.  Hopefully she will continue to like it.  We did her homework together and I also worked on helping Love Bug with learning her alphabet.  I am not a good teacher.  I try but I can get frustrated easily.  She had a hard time with the letter C.  I just don't know.  Right now she's testing her limits so much that trying to get her to actually listen to me is frustrating.  She is really smart.  I know she is.  But I really am not sure how to teach her.  I always felt like I was failing when I was trying to teach Pumpkin but I did something right because last year she was nominated to be in the Program for advanced learning at her school.  So maybe it will all come together and I need to quit trying to force her to learn and just try and lookup ways to make it fun for her.  Well I guess I gave myself something to think about while I am busy tossing and turning trying to fall asleep.  Until tomorrow.