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Thursday, June 27, 2013

3 Meals, 3 Pictures

I really meant to get on here yesterday to talk about my dinner and dessert.  I really meant to but I didn't feel too well last night.  But I had dinner last night obviously.  It consisted of one 3 ounce turkey burger patty with no bread or condiments, one half of a banana, one small apple cut into slices, and one cup of steamed green beans. 

Oh and one cup of vanilla ice cream.  Since I used this small plate it looks like so much more.  I was stuffed after I ate this.  The dinner itself had 290 calories and the dessert had 240 calories.  So for an entire day I had 976 calories.  And that was the day that I get to eat the most.  So this morning I got up and weighed myself.  I weighed 240.7 which meant that I lost a total of 1.5 pounds which isn't that bad since I am kinda bloated right now.  Not because of the diet, because once a month, every month, I get bloated but I usually gain weight during that time so I am still very happy with losing over a pound.  So I had breakfast this morning consisting of one large egg scrambled, one slice of white bread toast, and one half of a banana.  This had a total of 179 calories.

The bread was less burned today woo hoo.  This still filled me up.  I was still full when it came time for lunch.  Which today lunch was one cup of fat free cottage cheese, one large hard-boiled egg, and five saltine crackers.  Lunch's calorie total was 300.  The one cup of cottage cheese is a LOT of cottage cheese so it's a good thing that I like it. 
I had a really hard time getting the shell off of the egg so that's why it looks so funky.  And you know you all want my Twilight cup.  I got that cup from the movie theater when I went to see breaking dawn 2 with Pumpkin and my little sister when she came to visit.  I'm not an obsessed Twilight fan.  I'm more of a Harry Potter fan but I do like the Twilight movies and I have read all of the books. But it is a huge cup.  It holds 6 cups of water so if I have that and drink from it all day and if I drink at least two of them I get the amount of water I need for the day.  So only one more meal today and then tomorrow and then I am done.  I so hope that I lose at least 0.8 today so that I can be where I was at the end of my diet last week and I'll still have another day to loose so that I am below that number.

I am so excited for the fourth of July.  We bought fireworks and have our shirts and bows ready and I am thinking of make deviled eggs with red white and blue stripes to take over to my husbands parents because that is where we set off the fireworks.  We are going to Dollar Tree today to see if we can find any poppers.  If the do I will get a bunch of them if not I am going to go to Wally World tomorrow and I know they do.  And since they are the girls' favorite we have to get a bunch.  The fourth usually entails us going to the nearest fireworks stand and getting more because we ran out too fast.  Plus we are very patriotic in our family.  A lot of the men in our family were in the military including my dad, my father-in-law, and my hubby.  Actually they were all in the Navy.  The all loved the time they were in.  We still wish we were.  My hubby has an uncle who was a Colonel in Air Force and my nephew used to be in a Marine, but it wasn't a good fit for him.  I am very proud to have family members who have served.  I even still watch those videos of soldiers and sailors coming home and surprising their families.  Those bring me to tears just about every time I watch them.  Of course I know what it is like to have my military family member gone on deployment and missing them and wishing they were back so bad and the joy when I got to see him again.  When my hubby was overseas on deployment, I was miserable at first but then I got busy and then I got proud that I was actually doing stuff by myself for the first time and then I broke my ankle and had to be in the hospital and somehow I got lucky enough that my husband got to come home for two weeks.  When he left we moved and then when he got back if I could have ran at him I would have.  But as it was I still had my cast on my leg.  So when I watch the videos I get transplanted back into that time when I missed him and how happy I was to see him.  But I gladly support all the troops and love the military.

But I will try to be back later to talk about my dinner.  Hope to see you there. XOXO