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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Yay Dinner Day 2

This is going to be short tonight.  I'm already getting tired, it's getting late, and my contacts are starting to bug me.  For dinner tonight I had 2 Jenny-O turkey hot dogs, one half cup of crinkle cut steamed carrots, one cup of steamed broccoli, and one half of a banana.  Plus all the water I can drink. 
Again using the small plates makes it looks like there is so much there and I wasn't hungry today really at all.  My stomach didn't growl once today.  The calories in the dinner are 241.  Then again I had ice cream but only one half of a cup this time.  The calories for that is 120.  So in total for the day I had 840 calories.  Which is 136 calories less than yesterday.  Yay!!  So here's hoping for 0.8 pounds lost for tomorrow.  I found that I ate so well on this diet last week going back to eating the crap I was eating before kills my stomach and I can't eat as much of it.  So that is always a good thing.  If my stomach shrinks then I will loose the weight and get my food portions under control.  Tomorrow I am going to be on my last day and I will eat the least amount of food.  Although the only meal that I really notice it at is lunch when I will only have one hard boiled egg and I believe either the toast or the crackers.  I'll have to look at the meals tomorrow.  This is honestly one of the better diets I have ever tried.  It's really not that hard to stay on.  I feel better while I am on it.  I during the day feel like I have more energy than I did before but when it is bedtime I get so tired that I fall out pretty easily.  No headache today even though I didn't have a drop of soda or tea. Just the water so awesome.  However if I don't go to bed soon there is a really good possibility that I will have a headache soon.  Tomorrow I get to work on our grocery list for the next two weeks which will be fun since I am going to take a week off of the diet.  I'm nervous but the hubby has the week off so tuna will be off limits so that's two meals that I would have to change.  But I'll be back on it the week after.  But I'll still be on here keeping you guys posted about the day to day things that go on or how I feel about things.  Talk to you guys tomorrow. XOXO