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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Breakfast and Lunch on day 1

Good I guess now here it is afternoon.  I had to eat a late lunch today since it consisted mostly of tuna and my hubby had to leave for work before I could eat that.  But anyway I weighed myself this morning and it was 242.2.  Lost 0.2 in two days but gained 2.3 in four days which isn't as bad as it could have been.  I mean I could have gained it all back and then some.  So while I wish that I didn't gain at all, it could have been worse.  But I had breakfast this morning and just like I promised there are pictures.  Breakfast was ones slice of white toast with two tablespoons of chunky peanut butter on it and one very small orange.  Plus a glass of splenda sweetened iced tea.

Okay the bread looks all jacked up because I forgot about it while peeling the orange so it got burned a little and I had to scrape the burned parts off and a little of the crust came off with it.  Besides I never claimed to be the best picture taker but at least I try.  And you know that you guys are jealous of my laminate blue countertops.  Oh plus my kick ass snowman ice cubes.  I know it's almost July and honestly I got the tray at Christmas a few years ago from the dollar tree and it's like one of those silicon trays and it is so much easier to get the ice out of there than a conventional ice tray.  But anyway back to the food.  The diet just called for peanut butter and I like chunky better.  I looked at the calories and they are exactly the same for chunky and creamy.  So I went with what I like.  Also I was supposed to have half a grapefruit but like I probably mentioned before I can't stand them.  Even trying grapefruit juice kinda makes me sick.  But with what I made counting the calories on my fitness pal online it came out to 286 and mostly from the peanut butter.  I probably would have saved even more if I had chosen to have whole wheat or reduced fat or another type of bread but that's what I have to get for my family so I had to adapt.  Besides it didn't specify what kind of bread.  Okay lunch was fun.  I had 1/2 cup of tuna just a little bit of mustard and a dash of Mrs. Dash and again one slice of toast.  Not burned this time.
Now it's water from now on for the next two days.  I really am not good with presentation.  But it's had to make one can of tuna and a slice of toast.  I didn't realize my lunch looked so yellow.  But I love these bowls though.  They look like cupcake cups and they came with matching spoons.  I got them from the dollar tree too.  Come to think of it so did the cup and the plate from above.  Seriously that is my favorite store.  The calorie count for just lunch is 160 calories.  So far today I've had 446 calories and I was only hungry because lunch had to be postponed. But that's okay since that just means I won't be that hungry when dinner gets here.  I was a little hungry but it wasn't unmanageable. 
I so don't want to clean up today.  Not that I don't have the energy I just know that it is getting kinda warm in the house since it is like 100 outside.  Even with a fan going in the living room it still says that it is 82 in the house.  What I really need to do is go through stuff in my bedroom but that is the hottest room in the house so I know that I am going to be sweating a bunch.  Although that isn't always the worst thing.  I still have my childhood wish of having a maid.  Probably even more now that I have kids and they make a big mess.  My dryer has been running today since I had to wash my sheets and blankets since Love Bug peed all over them.  I know it was an accident but I wasn't planning on washing those today.  But in trying to keep the house cool all of my blinds and curtains are closed so my house is kind of dark.  We only opened the door once when my hubby had to leave and he kind of ran outside so that we could close the door. 
But I will be back after dinner.  It will probably be a short post since I don't expect much to happen between now and then.  Talk to you guys soon. XOXO