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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dinner Day 1 and stuff I forgot

Okay I'm still doing the three day military diet and I just finished dinner on the first day.  It consisted of 3 ounce turkey burger patty (just turkey formed into a patty nothing added), 1 cup of green beans seasoned with Mrs. Dash, 1 small apple, and 1/2 of a banana cut up into small medallions.  I find that the more bites I take the longer it takes to eat and the fuller I get.  I got 1 cup of ice cream for dessert.  Which let's be honest is the real reason that I decided to try this diet.  I liked most of the stuff on it and there wasn't much prep work or weird food to make.  I make sure that I take my multivitamins so that I am not missing anything I also take two calcium pills and two fish oil pills a day.  Ice cream honestly has to be my favorite dessert.  I'm not big on chocolate so the vanilla ice cream in the diet works just fine.  I found the diet on pinterest.  I'm kind of addicted to that site. I love to do crafts.  And there are plenty of ideas on there.  But I forgot to mention earlier that I am a stay at home mom.  When I was younger I always knew I wanted to have children eventually. I loved kids. I even thought about being a pediatrician or an OB/GYN.  In short I wanted to be a doctor.  I even went so far as to get my CNA certificate in high school.  I got accepted into a pre-med program in Athens, West Virginia.  However stuff happened and eventually the dream got down graded to Nurse Practitioner, then to R.N.  I went to school in Maine for nursing and I had a really bad Biology and Anatomy and Physiology teacher.  Most of the class failed including myself who scraped by with a D but I needed a C.  Even if I had gotten the grade I would still have been on the waiting list to get into the program and if it wasn't finished in a certain amount of time then I would have to start over.  So if my name hadn't come up for the program I would have had to start over and get at the beginning of the list.  Since then I was at a stand still.  I didn't know what I wanted to do because my passion for nursing was gone.  Although I am still fascinated with the human body and how it works.  Then I had pumpkin.  I was so happy that I was a mom and during my maternity leave from my job I realized how fulfilling it was for me to take care of my husband and daughter and make sure they have everything they need.  It makes me feel happy and useful. And I honestly can't think of anything in this world that I would want to do workwise outside of the house.  Then love bug was born and that desire is still there, if possible more so.  I like knowing that no matter what I am there for my family.  If they are sick or hurt or happy or even if they ask me at the last minute to make cupcakes for school I can be there for that.  On the side, however, I do try to sell some crafts.  Right now it is just jewelry and bows.  I have a page on facebook: Elizabeth's Unique Creations
Lately, I have made more bows, but I'm still working on jewelry every once in a while.  These are my two most recent.  I made the one on top for our trip to the St. Louis Zoo and the bottom one for our first family pictures.  But there are lots of pictures on the site and they all have prices with them.  As I make more of them I'll probably post them on here since they're so much fun to make. 
I'll probably think of more things about myself that I have forgotten that I'll probably be back on here to talk about tomorrow.  Until then XOXO