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Monday, June 24, 2013

Okay, okay

Okay, okay I know this is my first and only post today.  I am finding that the diet is the easiest to do in the last half of the week.  I didn't even have the option to start the diet today.  Last night for a lack of a better word SUCKED.  I finally fell asleep around 11.  About 12 Love Bug woke up crying her scared cry so that meant that she probably had a bad dream.  So she came into the living room to sleep with me and she is SOOOOOOOO not the easiest person to sleep with.  She kicks and rolls constantly.  Not even long enough for me to fall asleep.  The most sill she stayed was when I had to get up a little bit later.  Anyway about 3 am Pumpkin wakes up and comes in the living room to tell me that she has had a nightmare too.  Since I already had Love Bug on the couch with me I told Pumpkin she could turn on her television to comfort her to sleep.  About that time I can see my bedroom light come on and I think that they have woken my hubby up so I go in there to apologize and find out he had been getting sick for a little while.  So basically I was awake since around midnight.  My hubby finally stopped getting sick around 6 am.  So being tired anyway I didn't think that today was a good day to start.  Plus my hubby was so sick he didn't go into work and with him here I can't eat tuna.  He can't stand the smell of it.  Seriously whenever I have it I have to make sure I spray febreeze everywhere and take a shower and brush my teeth like twice.  I take the can of tuna outside, wash all the dishes that had tuna on them and make sure the counters are clean.  It's better if I can open up the windows but right now that isn't an option.  It's been constantly in the 90's and just so muggy that I try to keep the house as closed and dark as possible to keep out the heat but it still gets kind of warm. 

I weighed myself today and I had gained 2.4 pounds.  Not as bad as I thought or as bad as it could be.  I will weigh myself again on Wednesday when I start the diet.  I will have to take a week off because my hubby thankfully has the week of the Fourth of July off.  I am so excited.  We went and got some fireworks to set off.  We always have to get a bunch of smoke bombs and the little poppers that you throw on the ground and they make a snapping noise.  Pumpkin has always loved running through the smoke bomb's smoke.  Ever since she could walk she would go in a circle around the smoke bomb laughing and cackling.  Still even now.  Love Bug can actually join her this year.  Last year she was barely 1.  I think she will enjoy a lot more now. 

I made both of the girls two matching bows each.  I will try to post them on here tomorrow.  The really turned out cute.  I am so excited for them to wear their new bows.  Both of them are so different, but they are both made out of just the red, white, and blue ribbon I got.  When I make bows I am so glad that I have two little girls who get to wear them.  They are mostly who I have made them for.  I have only sold a handful of bows.  I would love to sell more, however. I don't want to used a site like ebay or etsy that make you pay a fee for your items.  I only really sell them for at the most $5 each so by the time the site takes out their fee I am barely left with any profit if any at all.  Plus I am still at the beginning stages of making bows, there are still a lot of techniques I don't know yet.  I try to make different types of bows so that I can learn and have a variety of different types for potential customers to choose from.  I try to sell them on facebook but it seems that even when I post on the site I still only have one or two people like my page, but don't order anything.  Honestly I would love to have enough orders that it would take me more than one day to complete all the orders I have.  The very first person who ordered a bow from me kept in contact because she said that her mother-in-law used to make bows and had some extra craft supplies that I could have.  After a few months she asked me if I could make a couple bows for a charity auctions she was putting together and I didn't mind so up until I had to give her the bows she kept telling me that her daughter hid all the stuff and she couldn't find them.  At first I was like okay, whatever, she was giving me them for free so if it took a while I wasn't going to complain.  Well, that was the last time I had heard from her and then all of the sudden on facebook she posted pictures of some bows that she made.  Now it didn't bother me that she made the bows or even that she used the stuff her mother-in-law didn't use anymore.  What did bother me is that she lied about it.  If she had said that she had changed her mind that she wanted to keep it to try her hand at it then I would have been okay with it.  The bows she made were very different than the ones that I made.  I really don't understand why she lied about it.  I know I was not, am not, and will not be the only person to make bows.  Everyone's styles are different so no two bows are the same.  But since I don't feel the necessity to lie to people or break promises I kind of hope people who after they have met me would show me the same courtesy.  I know that it is not the way it goes.  That a thought like that is naïve.  It just kind of upset me.  But it usually does when that scenario presents itself.  It's like when we moved into this house it was covered on the inside with cobwebs.  The people who lived here before had moved out a while before we got here and her uncle paid the rest of her rental agreement money while she was gone.  Then when the lease ran out they went ahead and changed all the carpet in the house and the linoleum in the bathrooms and entrance.  However, there were cobwebs and dirt and dust and even the walls needed washed when we moved in.  When we were first looking at it they were in the process of getting ready to change the carpet and the linoleum so we thought that they would at least clean it up before we moved in.  We were very mistaken.  If I were the Landlord or responsible for a property and a new family was going to move in I would make sure that the house was cleaned well.  No matter how long it took or how many long nights it took I would be embarrassed if someone moved into a filthy house that I was responsible for.  I even before we move out of a house make sure the house is cleaned to the best of my ability.  Every floor is vacuumed, swept, mopped all surfaces wiped including the windows, all fans dusted.  Anything I can clean up I do.  I expect it clean when we move in so I try to leave it as clean as possible when we move out.  So anyway I just wish some people would show me the same courtesy that I would show them. 

Today was relatively uneventful.  I didn't do much since my hubby was sick and like most men he needed taken care of all day.  We didn't go anywhere and I got my cleaning done early so that I could make the bows this afternoon.  The only person I talked to on the phone was my mother and that was only for less than five minutes.  I went out to the car but only to get a cd that we needed inside.  Even though I didn't get much done I felt like I was busy all day long.  Probably because it took more energy because I was so tired.  Even now my eyes are drooping but it didn't feel right to miss a day on here.  I kind of makes me feel good to see that people whom I don't even know reading my blog.  Feel free to leave comments I would love to hear from you guys.  Any tips or pointers or what I do that you like.  I'll be back on here tomorrow.  XOXO