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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Weight update and Breakfast Day 2

The only scale I have is attached to my wii fit.  So I made sure I weighed myself as soon as I got up this morning and I lost 2.9 pounds in one day.  Wooo Hoooo!!!!!!  You're supposed to be able to lose up to 10 pounds in three days. Then if you want to keep it off eat around 1,200 calories a day.  Presumably you could do this every week until you hit your goal.  So anyway this morning I had for breakfast 1 large egg scrambled, the other half of the banana from last night and one slice of white toast.  Only water to drink for the next couple of days.  My vanilla coke zero will just have to wait for a few days.  I honestly don't like the taste of water.  I don't know quite how to explain it.  When I was growing up my mother loved water and didn't understand why I didn't. When she asked me why I didn't like it and I told her that it didn't taste good and she told me back that it didn't taste at all but it was still gross to me.  Still I prefer tea.  But it has to be sweet.  When I used to make it I'd get a pan and boil a couple of family size tea bags and some sugar so that the sugar wouldn't settle at the bottom.  Now I'm all awesome and have a cool tea maker and I also started using the off brand of spelnda.  I'm trying to see if I can cut calories where ever I can.  If I can handle the taste and it's better for me I will try to get it depending on the price.  I honestly am very cheap.  I hate spending money on myself if I can help it.  The hubby hates it.  I still have a couple of shirts that I got when I was pregnant with love bug and needed bigger shirts.  Other than that my mother lives in Texas and where she works at a local place that it is almost second hand where people donate stuff and they sell it really cheap and then all the proceeds go to charity. Anyway just about all of the clothes I own I got from her.  She sent them all to me.  Hell, she has basically has clothed both of my children since they were babies.  Since she doesn't live close to us it is the one way that makes here feel like she's still here with them.  But I don't have as much of a problem either talking the hubby into buying something for himself or buying something for the girls.  I just won't go out and buy something for myself very often.