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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Late again

I know, I know I'm late posting on here again.  Everyone felt better today.  Thank goodness.  The hubby is still a little weak and he had to go into work but other than that he felt pretty good.  Plus, no nightmares for the girls. Very happy about that.  We caught our fifth mouse this season.  They somehow found a way into the walls and then made a hole in Pumpkins room.  It sucks royally but we are going to get something to take care of the problem tomorrow.  Probably some steel wool and tape so they can't get back in.  I really don't like mice.  Thankfully I have only heard them running around but I haven't actually seen one except for on the trap.  I won't even take those out.  I make my hubby do it.  I just get too nervous that I think that they will somehow jump out at me.  I know if they could do that then they wouldn't still be in the trap they would have gotten free, but I just don't want to take that chance.  I really hate bugs too.  I made the hubby go and kill a bug that was sitting on my glasses I found when I went to take my contacts out for the night.  After he got the bug off and killed it I wouldn't even put the glasses on my face until they were thoroughly cleaned.  And of all bugs spiders are the worst.  I won't even go near one if I can help it.  My fear is so bad that I won't even look at the screen when in Harry Potter 2 they have the giant obviously fake spider on screen.  What's sad is that I have a lot of fears.  Bugs, Rodents, Snakes, Most rabid animals like opossums or raccoons, I have a fear of the dark.  That one really sucks.  I never go anywhere in the dark.  There haven't been very many incidence where I've had to turn on my lights because it was getting darker.  If I am in a new house I start shaking.  Even in this house that we have been in for almost a year I still have to go to sleep with the television on or I am awake for hours.  I have a total of 6 nightlights in my 3 bedroom house.  I can't see anything in the dark and my eyes never really adjust so I can never see where I am going or if someone or something is out there with me.  For a while when my hubby was on deployment I carried a knife around with me through the house for just in case and we lived in a very safe place.  Luckily no one has ever been hurt.  It's just kind of embarrassing being almost (boo) 30 and still afraid of the dark. 

I finally finished the patriotic bows today.  Here are the ones I made for Love Bug:

I'm going to put her hair in pigtails.  Her hair is so fine that really that is all I can do with it right now.  Pumpkin is my mini model for the bows so everyone can get an idea of the size.  Here is the one I made for Pumpkin:

This is more of a flag bow.  I made two of them I'm going to be doing her hair in like a two tiered pigtail.  We'll see how it goes.  I haven't tried it before.  Then there is the bow that I finally got around to making for myself today:

I hope they will look cute on the fourth considering how hard we have been working on our outfits.  Well.....Mostly theirs I didn't make a shirt for myself.  Just the bow.  I finally went through my craft cabinet today and got rid of the scraps and trash and leftover stuff I wouldn't use.  I had to make room for the girls' DVDs.  They really don't like to take care of them which I understand to an extent I mean they're kids.  It just gets annoying when they whine because they can't find the movie they are looking for because last time they watched it they don't take care of it.  So at that point it could be anywhere.  So we are implementing a system where she almost checks them out and can't get a new movie unless she brings the old one back in its box.  We'll see how well this goes over.  I know that I posted it on here before but the link to my facebook page so the you can see ALL the bows and jewelry that I have made is:

You guys should come and check I'm about done for the night.  I am going to start on the diet again tomorrow so I will be on more than once and hopefully with some pictures of the plates of food.  Until then XOXO