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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Final weigh in

I weighed myself this morning and woo hoo I lost 1.5 pound which is exactly what I was hoping for.  So in three days I lost 2.9 on day 1, 1.1 on day 2, and 1.5 on day 3 for a grand total of, drumroll please............. 5.5 pounds.  Not too bad considering I didn't really exercise. It's not 10 pounds but I'll take it.  However if I go and weigh myself tomorrow it probably won't be good.  I can almost guarantee that I would gain weight.  We had breakfast at Burger King.  That KILLED my stomach it has hurt for most of the day.  For lunch I had a grilled classic chicken sandwich.  I got the meal and gave the fries to my husband.  I stopped and got a small bag of twizzlers for the movies and I had about a cup full of leftover taco salad.  I am done for the day.  I feel so stuffed.

Our trip to the city was okay.  I mean we forgot the stroller and it is so hard to take the kids in places. They are the types to have to run around and touch absolutely EVERYTHING.  Plus yell at each other while they are doing it.  So walking through Best Buy wasn't that much fun.  Then we went to Barnes and Noble.  I love books.  I could honestly spend all day looking around and browsing around a bookstore.  For multiple days in a row I could go back and still never see or get to look through all the books I want to see.  Even the little book area in Wal-Mart I tend to avoid because I almost never leave that section without a new book.  But lately I have been on a mission to find one book in particular.  The Hungry Girl Happy Hour Cookbook.  I don't drink a lot unless it's socially and even then I only get barely tipsy.  But this was the one book I didn't have and my bestie is supposed to come and visit me in a few months and she likes to party more than I do.  So this way I'll be able to try a couple of drink recipes.  Plus there's a huge chapter on appetizers.  I so could have used that a couple of weeks ago.  But, I'm so excited I finally found it.  Now if it wasn't $15.00.  But I had to get it.  I searched everywhere and that has been the general price of it.  After that we went to the mall.  We only went into a couple of stores.  Game Stop because my husband was looking for a game and Petland.  We don't have any pets and aren't allowed to have any where we live but I miss having a pet.  I used to have a St. Bernard.  She was my puppy I did and still do love her very much.  Her name was Daisy and my parents bought her for themselves when I was 17.  However they went through a divorce and I moved out and Daisy never liked my father.  She always was a good judge of character even as a puppy.  She would always tear apart his stuff and leave the rest of our things alone.  So when he decided to move away and take the older dog with him I gladly took Daisy. It was just me and her for about a year. I didn't go anywhere except for work and to the grocery store without her.  She protected me and I really knew that my hubby was the one when the first time she met him she loved him immediately.  She would get more excited to see him then see me.  Then after we got married and moved up to Maine she tagged along and kept me company when he went on deployment.  I always felt safe in the house by myself with her in it.  Even when she accidently broke my ankle when we were out walking in the snow.  She was just trying to play and it wasn't her fault my foot stayed planted when she spun me around.  Then we moved here and I got pregnant and we went through some hard times and didn't have a lot or a place for her to run.  It took me months to find a place for her because I refused to take her to a shelter. I had to know that if I couldn't have her someone did that would give her lots of love.  Eventually I did and I felt horrible.  I still miss her terribly even though I try to play it off and say that I didn't like her whenever I am feeling really sad about it.  My hubby obviously sees right through it.  But anyway we went to Petland so that the girls could see the puppies. The love looking at the puppies there. 

This afternoon Pumpkin and I went to go and see Monsters University.  That was a really cute movie.  And it was cool that it was just me and Pumpkin.  She had fun.  There were plenty of funny parts and they showed previews for Smurfs 2, Despicable Me 2, a My Little Pony movie, and a new movie called frozen.  The preview was pretty funny.  The next movie that we are going to go see is Grown Ups 2. Hopefully we can get my hubby's parents to watch the kids for a couple of hours.