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Friday, June 21, 2013

Breakfast Day 3

So I woke up this morning with my back killing me.  I've had back problems for the past 14 years since I fell when I was 15.  Plus it probably doesn't help that we have had our mattress for almost 10 years so it is way time to get a new one.  Be that as it may if it didn't cost an arm an a leg for a decent mattress we would get one.  It's going to be one of those purchases that we are going to have to save up for.  Until then I just have to keep going out to sleep on the couch when my back can't take the bed anymore.  I weighed myself this morning.  I lost 1.1 pounds.  Not as much as yesterday but hey I'm not going to feel bad about that. Weight loss is weight loss.  So in two days I've lost 4 pounds.  I highly doubt that I am going to lose the promised 10 pounds but as long as there is some weight loss I will be fine.  Now hopefully I will keep it off.  Well the third days food is by far the least amount.  For breakfast I had one sliced up apple, 1 slice of American cheese, and 5 saltine crackers.  For lunch which I will have when I get off of here I am going to have my lunch of one hard boiled egg and one slice of white toast.  It so doesn't seem like it is enough. I really hope that I don't get a migraine again today. 

I have cheated today a little though.  Every Friday morning I take the girls and I go yard saleing.  There is always a few things I look for like cheap crafting items and a few weeks ago I needed a different stroller that was taller before our vacation. I found one for $4.00 that was taller and the only problems were a few stains and some of the padding on the top bar were coming off, but it is pretty good and it is working for what we needed it for.  I don't have to bend over to push it.  Next I'm looking for a blender.  We honestly don't use a blender that often but there are a few things on our list that I need a blender for.  I have one of those one cup blenders but it just won't be big enough. 

Tomorrow we are supposed to go up the city just so that we can get out of town and hang out and then when we get back Pumpkin and I are going to go to the movies to see Monster's University.  Love Bug isn't big enough for the movies yet or else we would all go.  I'm probably going to stop and get something for the theater beforehand. My diet won't allow the nachos which is what I usually get and I really don't want to spend $4.50 on a box of chocolate covered raisins or twizzlers.  I just don't like popcorn so that isn't even an option.  Luckily we live close to one of those really nice theaters with theater seating. So we have the nice big seats with the moveable arm rests and plenty of room for our feet and bigger screens.  I'm so excited for us to go and spend time together just me and her.  For us it's important to spend time one on one with each of our kids when we get the chance so that they feel that they are both special to us.

I haven't decided exactly when I am going to do the diet next week.  The beginning of the week or the end. I will be better next week when I do the diet.  I'll input in the calorie counts of everything and I'll probably even take pictures so that you all can see exactly what I'm eating.  When I get on here later I'll post the list of summer stuff we plan to do so that maybe you guys can get some ideas for a summer to do list for your families.  See you guys soon.  XOXO