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Friday, June 28, 2013

Last Dinner this week

Okay maybe not for the entire week, just for the diet part of my week.  So I had one cup (2 cans) of tuna with the constant accompaniment of mustard and Mrs. Dash, and one half of a banana.  The combination seems kind of weird but it is actually not as bad as it sounds.  The calorie count for this meal was 245. 
Honestly I completely forgot about the ice cream until after I took the picture and ate the dinner.  But it was one half of a cup of ice cream.  If you guys need a visual look at yesterday's picture.  The calorie count for the ice cream was the same as yesterday too which was at 120.  So all together today I ate 716 calories.  But back to regular food tomorrow.  I can honestly say that I'm not sure if I am looking forward to it.  I feel better and have fewer stomach issues when I am on it. 

We got to mark one of the items off our list today.  We played on the table with shaving cream.  It ended up everywhere.  It took Love Bug a little while to get into it but once she did it was all over her face, clothes, hair, up and down her arms, even on the wall behind her. 
Pumpkin had no problem and took to it right away.  Even after Love Bug got done playing and was ready to take a shower Pumpkin still stayed out and played until the shaving cream had just basically become liquid.  This was one of the easier activities to clean up.  Plus I think my table was cleaner afterward.  I've read all about what kind of a cool cleaner that shaving cream is.  I got the raspberry smelling kind from the dollar tree.  So they smelled good afterward.  Plus my house smelled like raspberries after we were done for a little while so overall I can't complain.  We were going through my cookbooks to find out what Pumpkin was going to make on the kids make the dinner night and she has decided on a Hawaiian pizza with the pineapple and ham.  It's kind of hard because there are so many things that she tells me that she doesn't like. I tried to keep it healthy and we looked exclusively in the Hungry Girl cookbooks.  That way we have a lower calorie meal so that I can continue to lose as much weight as I can.  My hubby who is also trying to lose weight said this morning that I probably weigh less than him now and to be honest that made me feel pretty good.  I mean the woman is supposed to weigh less than the man and I never have.  Even when I was at my thinnest he was in the navy and able to work out way more and had to keep himself in shape for his job. 

Well I'm getting sleepy so I am going to go.  I'll probably be back on tomorrow to let everyone know how my last weigh in went.  XOXO