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Friday, June 21, 2013

Dinner and Dessert Day 3

Okay, okay I know this post is a little later than usual, but I have a good reason.......I was busy cleaning and being a mom.  We went out today and had a water balloon fight.  The aqua ball was fun but it lasted all of two water balloons.  After that all they wanted to do was throw them at each other and me.  We had about 70 balloons filled and to get them in the spirit as soon as I got the balloons outside I busted one on the top of Pumpkin's head to soak her.  Then it was all out war we kept throwing at each other and mostly missed so they popped all over the ground.  But they had a blast and that is all that matters.

Down to dinner: I had one cup of tuna with just a little bit of mustard and Mrs. Dash seasoning since it is allowed and one half of a banana. To be honest the banana wasn't my favorite part.  It had gotten way too ripe.  I'd almost rather not have it but I didn't want to mess with the system and I wanted true and honest results.  Then I had the one cup of ice cream.  And frankly I haven't been hungry at all really today.  My stomach has growled a couple of times but it kind of surprised me since I didn't feel hungry.  It was nothing like my hunger from yesterday.  Before I finally got lunch yesterday not matter what advertisement for food I saw I wanted it.  And I had to go to the store to get the cottage cheese.  Even the deli smelled wonderful whatever they were cooking.  It felt like I either heard or saw 1000 different things to eat.  I could smell the fast food restaurants as I went by them.  I was strong and I didn't stop but I really wanted to.  I realized after a little while that earlier I went off on some tangent when I said that I cheated today.  I forgot to say how I cheated.  Whenever I go yard saleing I stop and get us drinks from sonic.  My husband is a definite soda addict.  I am too, just not as much.  But I stopped and got my vanilla coke zero.  It tasted soooooo good.  And I am also addicted to chewing ice and Sonic's ice is just at the perfect size for that.  But hey ice is water so I count that. 

We had a fun time potty training today.  Love bug had a diaper (butt) on for a lot of today.  She managed to go into her closet and poop on her floor when I was calling her to put a butt on her so that we could take a game back to the movie rental place.  Pumpkin was the one that found it.  She had to tell me about it while holding her nose. 

So now as promised our list of summer things to do:
  1. Make 4th of July shirts
  2. Slumber party with the girls
  3. Make countdown to Pumpkin's Birthday
  4. Picnic in the park
  5. Balloon Ping Pong
  6. Make homemade blizzards
  7. Play out in the rain
  8. Kids plan diner night
  9. Dessert for dinner
  10. Go to the movies
  11. Handprint art projects
  12. Get pedicure with Pumpkin
  13. Play in the mud
  14. Make cookies from scratch
  15. Homemade pizza party
  16. Have bubble bath eruptions
  17. Go on a hike
  18. Make an end of the summer scrapbook
  19. Favorite movie marathon
  20. Make homemade icees
  21. Write and mail letters to Grandma
  22. Make Kool-Aid bath paint
  23. Make take home craft kit from the store
  24. Make our own bouncy balls
  25. Disney movie night with matching treats
  26. Glow in the dark bath
  27. Make frozen bananas
  28. Draw in shaving cream
  29. Glowing puffy paint
  30. Eat diner outside
  31. Fun bath with lights
  32. Build a fort in the house
  33. Nighttime bowling with glow sticks
  34. Make baked cotton balls
  35. Makeover night
  36. Canvas wall art
  37. Go to the library
  38. Pillow fight
  39. Make scented cloud dough
  40. Water Balloon fight
  41. Make glow dough
  42. Drive in movie with cardboard boxes
  43. Finger Paint
  44. Make cupcakes
  45. Glowing bubbles
  46. Make flubber
  47. Do face painting
  48. Camping in the yard
  49. Make s'mores bites
  50. Shaving cream slip-and-slide
  51. Go bowling
  52. Go cloud watching
  53. Dance Party Play salon
  54. Have a pillow fight (I know I know it's the second time it's on here..sorry)
  55. Have black light fun
  56. Watch fireworks
  57. Make foam dough
  58. Disney movie marathon
  59. Go to the park
  60. Take lots of pictures
So there it is. The whole list.  All 60 items.  It was so hard to finish getting all of that list I got different colored markers and made three lines down a piece of poster board and then I did twenty things in each column.  With a box beside each one so that when we finished one Pumpkin could check it off.  But it's on here like I promised.  But now it's getting kind of late and I'm probably going to bed soon.  Just a warning I will probably only be on here once tomorrow as we are going out of town and we always spend family time together on the weekend.  I don't even talk on the phone that much.  Family time is very important to us.  So until tomorrow. XOXO